Working with Guests

The purpose of the Guests panel is to provide information about guests beyond that which is normally stored in your Contacts. It also allows you to specify guests who are not in your Contacts, providing basic contact information for them.

recipe panel

Basic information about a guest is displayed at the top and right side of the panel. The left side of the panel provides selection tools.

Choosing a Guest

Use the Find All button to select all guests; the results of the selection will appear in the selection list. To examine information about a particular guest, scroll the list and tap on the guest's name.

You can also tap on the New button to add a new recipe to the application database.


If the guest is in your Contacts, you can use the Find In Contacts button to browse your contacts for the individual. Otherwise, you can enter the person's name and some basic contact information.

And, if you later add the guest to your Contacts, their phone and email contact info will automatically supersede the data stored here.

Guest Information

The right side of the panel is a single scrollable area you can use to record information about the guest's food preferences.

Action Menu

The actions menu provides more features.