Working with Parties

The Parties panel is where you keep track of the entertaining you do, from intimate dinners to open-house parties for the multitudes. You can record what you served and who attended; later you can query the program to find out when you last served a particular dish or who has eaten it.

Not only can you use the Parties panel to make sure your guests have a fresh, new dining experience each time they come over; you can also take advantage of features of the Guests panel to make sure that your menu is compatible with your guests food preferences, restrictions and allergies.

recipe panel

Basic information about a party is displayed at the top and right side of the panel. The left side of the panel provides selection tools.

Finding Parties

Use the Find button to select parties which meet your particular criteria.


The parties which meet all of the specified criteria will appear in a list, from which you can select a party to view in detail.

Managing Your Menu

The menu section is where you specify your menu for the party.


Some of the items in your menu may be items from your list of recipes, but others may not. For example,

The point is that menu items need to allow for both items from your recipe collection and items that aren’t. Which, of course, is exactly what we do.

Add a menu item

To add a menu item, tap the plus sign.

add menu

If the item uses a recipe from your recipe collection, tap Choose a recipe and use the panels which follow to select the recipe you want to use.

Otherwise, just fill in the item's title.

If you add detail information, it will appear in the menu. For example, if you are service a wine with dinner, you could include the vintage here.

Reordering the Menu

You don't have to specify the menu in order. To reorder the items in the menu, just tap the Reorder button.

reorder menu

Touch and drag the right-hand handles to move the items into their correct positions. Be sure you touch Reorder again (to turn it off) when you're done.

Managing Guests

The guests section is where you list who attended your party.


Whether you list yourself is up to you, but you ought to list your other guests to get maximum benefit from the program. Use the plus sign to add a guest to the guest-list.

Party Notes

You can also include notes about the party.


What you include in the notes is up to you; it's all a matter of what you want to remember about the party. Food, interesting anecdotes, whatever.

Action Menu

The actions menu provides additional features.


Of particular note is the option to show the Guest Issues Report. When you tap on this button, the program will generate a report listing known food issues (likes, dislikes, dietary restrictions and allergies) of your guests.

guest issues