Working with Settings

The Settings panel provides auxiliary features to support the workings of the rest of Cook’s Memory.


Dropbox Support

Cook's Memory supports using your Dropbox account (if you have one) as backup storage for your Cook's Memory data. Unlike iCloud, Dropbox support is not automatic — you need to export your data to move it to your Dropbox account and import your data to recover data.

Import and Export are very simple. Just tap Start.


Managing Terminology

When you search your Cook’s Memory data for something like a recipe or a party, it is critical that the terms you are looking for (such as the name of an ingredient, for example) are spelled exactly the same every time you use them; otherwise your search won’t find everything you are looking for.

To assure that this occurs, we use lists of standard terms. Instead of typing the term each time you use it (and perhaps making a typing error), you just pick the term you want from the appropriate list.

The Settings panel allows you to edit these lists of terms so that they contain the items you want.


On Line Help

The Settings panel also provides an alternate way to access this on-line help.