About Documents

The Documents section of a project is used to record and manage project documentation, both formal and informal. In this context,

Stinkbug imposes no rules on the organization, structure or content of any document. Moreover, since everyone has their own ideas of how much effort to put into documentation, all documents are optional.

Projects and Versions

Documents appear in two places within Stinkbug.

When a new version is created, it is given a complete list of the project documents. If new documents are subsequently added, that are added to the document list for the current version only. Deleting a document from a version's document list merely removes the document from that list; it is not deleted from the project's document list.

Document List

Documents in a document list are organized by category. A number of categories are built-in to Stinkbug, but you can add additional categories of your own.

Document List Document List

Document Detail

Tapping on a document in a document list display the document's details.

For a formal document (i.e., one that exists as an external file), the document detail lists the name of the document.

Concept Doc

For an informal document (i.e., one that is stored internally in Stinkbug in Markdown format), the document detail displays the document's content.

Tech Plan

Adding or editing a document record involves a dialog that (among other things) allows you specify whether the document is formal or informal and adjusts its data entry fields accorningly.

Doc Edit Doc Edit