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About Grady Profile

The real purpose of assessment is to help kids learn. The Grady Profile engages students in learning by showing their performances, encouraging their reflection and providing them feedback. It gives teachers a framework for managing alternative assessment.

Watch progress; enhance conferencing with students and parents; give students a medium where they can both present and evaluate their own work. Learning consists of constructing meaning, typically through doing and reflecting. Growth is not possible unless the student can make connections, internalize previous experience and gain insight that provides the possibility for extending understanding.

What is Grady Profile?

In short, Grady Profile is software with two purposes:

  1. It helps classroom teachers (preK - college) manage the assessment models for performance assessment, authentic assessment, project-based, standards-based assessment, collaborative and cooperative learning and portfolios.
  2. It is a learning tool for students and teachers (we believe teachers are learners, too) because it asks them to think about their work, assess it honestly, reflect on it and connect it to their previous and future learning experiences.

Grady Profile offers these benefits:


Looking Deeper into Grady Profile

There is a lot of information about Grady Profile on this web site:


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