August 13, 2013

End-Of-Life for Grady Profile Products

Starting immediately, future development work on the Grady Profile family of products will cease, except for bug fixes required to maintain the software. Support for the current version of Grady Profile (v3.8.1) will continue through July 31, 2014, but no new versions of the software will be forthcoming.

It has become clear that substantial re-engineering work is required to continue the development of Grady Profile, but that the development effort and cost cannot be recouped.

Grady Profile was first made available for sale in July 1991. Over the past 22 years, we have had the privilege of knowing and working with a multitude of capable and committed educators. Thank you.

August 13, 2013

New Directions for Aurbach & Associates

Aurbach & Associates announces a major change in our product direction and strategy.

Previously, the company has focused on tools which help individuals (both students and adults) demonstrate what they can do by creating portfolios of their work.

Now we are going to focus on iPhone, iPad and Macintosh applications which allow people to use and manage their own personal information more effectively.

Our first product announcement in this new product space is imminent.