Poet’s Corner

Version 2.0
October 12, 2022

Rick Aurbach

On iCloud and Data Backup

As of version 2.0, Poet's Corner maintains a backup copy of your data in your personal (and private) iCloud account. This copy is used to maintain synchronization between your Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and Macintosh).

This automatic backup makes the Import/Export functions of Poets Corner much less important. However, there we have left them in the program just in case you need them.

Exporting Data

You can use the Export Data function on the Settings Panel (tap the "gear" icon) to create an export file.

Export files can be saved with either the .poetry file type or the .json file type. The file contents are identical, regardless of the file type. However, the .poetry file type will be opened exclusively by Poet's Corner, while the .json file type can be opened by any application that understands JSON data.

Importing Data

Poet's Corner can open and process (properly formatted) files with the .poetry file extension.

Each poem and quotation in a .poetry file contains a unique identifier, which is used to prevent duplicate entries if you import the same items more than once.

The .poetry File Format

For techies only

A .poetry file is a simple JSON file with a custom file extension. The easiest way to understand the format is to examime an exported example. But we'll document the file here.