Poet’s Corner

Version 2.0
October 12, 2022

Rick Aurbach

About Poet's Corner

Poet's Corner is your personal, private anthology of poetry and quotations. Use it to store your favorites, keeping them near at hand and easily accessible. And you can share them with your friends.

You will find Poet's Corner easy and intuitive to use.

What's New in Version 2.0

Version 2 of Poet's Corner updates the application to take advantage of changes to Apple's software over the last couple of years.


Poet's Corner is available for iPhone (iOS 15+), iPad (iPadOS 15+) and macOS (macOS 12+) on the Apple App Store


Are you looking for sources of free, public domain poetry? Here are a few links for you to try:

How about public domain quotations? You might try:

Contact Information

Support for this program is available via email.

Please address your questions, help requests and suggestions to rlaurb@icloud.com