Book Group Tab

The Book Groups tab is all about the book group(s) you belong to. You can be a member of as many book groups as you like.

Master Meeting List


The master list shows all of your book group meetings (ordered by book group and date, most recent first).

In this case, the title bar contains the Online Help and Reports buttons. The Add Meeting button is just below it, emphasizing that what you add is a meeting, not a book group. (Add book groups on the Information tab.)

Tapping a meeting displays detail.

Meeting Detail


The meeting detail panel shows the date, time and location of the meeting, as well as the book(s) being read. You also have a space to make notes about the meeting.

A few important features of this panel:

  • Notice the icon to the right of the time popup that looks like a calendar. Tapping it will add this meeting to your calendar.
  • Tapping the Add Book button displays a list of books. If the book is already in your list, you can choose it. If not, tap New to present an Add New Book panel. Enter the book title and author; Book Corner will look up information about this book and fill things in for you.