Book Corner

Book Corner

Version 1.0
December 2, 2019

Rick Aurbach

Book Corner is now available in the Apple AppStore.

Book Corner is your personal book list. Use it to keep track of

You can view books by title, author, genré or book group meeting. The application uses the Library of Congress Online Card Catalog to look up (and fill in) basic publication information about the book. You can add a new book by it's title or by scanning the bar-coded ISBN number (that is on the back cover of many books).

You can also rate the book, add notes, comments or a review, associate it with a book group meeting, and share all this information with your friends.

All of the information in Book Corner is stored locally on your iPhone or iPad. It is completely private and only available to you.

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Book Corner is currently available for iPhone and iPad (iOS 11 and later) in the Apple App Store.

Contact Information

Support for this program is available via email.

Please address your questions, help requests and suggestions to