Customizing Morning Sugar

The collection of parameters needed to manage and display data of any particular type is called a configuration. Morning Sugar ships with four configurations pre-defined:

However, Morning Sugar also provides you with tools to add, modify or delete configurations at will. Start by tapping the Edit button on the Morning Sugar Control Panel.

Configuration List


This is a list of all the configurations that are currently defined. You can

Adding a New Configuration

Let's add a configuration for step count. Start by tapping New.


and fill in the configuration name. The set of data frequency buttons help Morning Sugar set up reasonable starting values for your configuration.


Tap Add. The configuration list will appear with your new configuration included.

Editing a Configuration

Tap on the configuration you want to edit. The Configuration Editor will appear. This (scrolling) panel has four sections — General, Colors, Y Axis, and X Axis. (You'll need to scroll vertically to see everything.)

top bottom

General Section


Colors Section

This section allows you to define the plot background color scheme and the colors used for the average, running average and smoothing curves.

Plot Background

Tap Plot Background.


You can define two colors and the gradient angle.

Choose Color

Tap either color.

All color selection is via the Morning Sugar color picker, which uses named colors (based on Crayola colors). There are quite a selection of available colors.

col1 col2

Gradient Angle

You have 8 choices of gradient angle.



Tap Curves.


The same color picker as shown above is used here.

Y Axis Section

The Y Axis Section defines the y-axis of the plot.


X Axis Section

The X Axis Section defines the x-axis of the plot. It is simpler to configure than the y-axis because this axis always displays time and Morning Sugar makes most of the decisions for you.