Stinkbug is a project management tool designed for the needs of a developer who works alone — solo developers and developers with side projects.

Traditional project managements tools are built to support teams and hence emphasize communication, collaboration, and coordination. But when you're working alone, you need to communicate primarily with your future self.

The User Interface of Stinkbug consists of four tabs (i.e., sections).


Stinkbug can handle all of your solo projects. Each project may have

For each project, Stinkbug also

Read more about project features on the Projects Tab page.


A programmer's journal is your personal repository of thoughts, reflections, ideas, introspections, goals and aspirations as they relate to your life as a software developer. A journal helps you grow as a developer because it offers you an opportunity to think about what you’re doing.

Some of your journal entries may be about a specific project; others could be more general. Examples of possible topics for a journal entry include:

Read more about Journaling on the Journal Tab page.

Issue Tracking

Issues are used in two ways in Stinkbug –

Read more about Issue Tracking on the Issues Tab page.


Different developers work on different stuff. And depending on what you do and what you’re interested in, your needs will be different.

Stinkbug comes with a pre-defined set of features –

and much more

You can use (and modify) these predefined items. You can also create your own items (to handle cases not covered by the predefined set).

Read more about Customization on the More Tab page.