Journal Tab

Journaling is all about being introspective and intentional in what you do. Too often, programmers are so wrapped up in what they are doing and in the problems they are solving that they don't pay sufficient attention to how they went about solving a problem, why they needed to solve it, what when right (and wrong), and what they learned from the experience.

But it just these introspective exercises which make us better developers. The solution? Take time for introspection and write it down in a journal.

Journaling Resources

Here are a few references about keeping a programmer's journal that you might find interesting:

The Programmer's Journal

When you open the Journal Tab, you see a list of journal entries.

Journal List

The entry’s category is shown at the top-right of the row.

This list can be sorted by date, entry category, or project by tapping the up/down icon.

Some journal entries will be associated with a project; others won’t be. If a journal entry is associated with a project, it will appear both on the Journal Tab’s List and in the project’s Journal view.

Tapping on a row of the list opens a detail view of the entry.

Journal Detail

To create a new journal entry, tap the + icon at the top-right of the journal list.

New Entry

Note that the default project for the entry is “<none>”.

Also note that Stinkbug includes a list of journal entry categories. You are free to add to these categories if you wish (see More Tab).

Enter the contents of the journal entry in the body section using Markdown format. For some of the entry categories, some predefined section prompts are included. You can customize them, also.