The Support Tab

The Support tab provides features which offer help with Wine Corner.

support 1

Features are divided into three categories:

Information Section

The information section includes a variety of information.

supprt 2 Support-3

Cofiguration Section

Wine Corner contains lists of terms (some pre-loaded) which are used to enter information by selecting from a list (rather than typing). These lists are editable in the Configuration section.

support 4

Each term category is represented here. Tap one to display the current list of terms of that type. (For Regions, you must also specify the Country; for Appellations, you must specify both Country and Region.).

Add a new term with the Add button. Swipe right (or select Edit from a context menu) to edit a term. Swipe left (or select Delete from a context menu) to delete a term.

Import/Export Section

Since your data is backed up on your iCloud account, there is ordinarily no need to maintain a separate backup elsewhere. However, if you wish to do so, you may. The features are pretty obvious and self-explanatory.