The Wines Tab

The Wines tab of Wine Corner is your personal wine diary.

Here, you can keep track of wines that you've tasted, wines you would like to taste, wines that are in your cellar, and wines you consumed long ago.

The Wine List

The starting point in your wine diary is the wine list.

wine list

The main features visible in this view are

Tap an entry to see more detail.

You can edit the entry by swiping right (or choosing Edit from a contextual menu) and you can delete the entry by swiping left (or choosing Delete from a contextual menu).

Wine List Items

wine list entry

Each item consists of:

  1. A picture. If there is a picture labeled "front label", it will be used. (If there is no "front label" photo, the first saved image will be used.) (See Wine Detail — Photos).
  2. The name of the wine.
  3. The four green dots means there is at least one bottle of this wine in your cellar.
  4. The wine variety.
  5. The wine color.
  6. If wine critics have rated this wine, the average score (100-point scale).
  7. The average price you paid for this wine (if you've entered a price).
  8. If you've rated this wine, your average rating (5-point scale).
  9. If you've specified it, a buy-again rating (5-point scale).

Wine Detail

When you tap on an item in the wine list, a wine detail view will appear.

wine detail selector

The detail view consists of four sections — Vintages, Pairings, Notes, and Photos. These section labels are buttons — tap on one to switch sections.

The Vintage Section

wine detail - vintages

The top of this view shows basic information about the wine; the bottom contains a list of the vintages defined for this wine. You can add a new vintage, edit an existing vintage, or delete a vintage using the usual techniques. Tapping a vintage in the list opens a Vintage Detail view.

Vintage Detail

vintage detail

Use this view to record a professional critic's rating (the score) and who made it. You can also rate the vintage yourself (on a 5-point scale) and specify how likely you are to buy it again.

Another feature of this page is when to best drink it. Some wines are ready to drink immediately, others need to age before opening. Some age quickly while others have a long bottle-life. If you know that information about this vintage, you can record it here.

Finally, at the bottom of the view is a list of all of the bottles you've encountered of this vintage. You can add or delete bottles in the usual manner. (To edit the information, make your changes on the Bottle Detail view.)

Tap on a bottle entry to open the Bottle Detail view.

Bottle Detail

bottle detail

You can change the bottle size (if you made a mistake when entering the bottle originally).

Bottle States

A bottle of wine can be in any of 7 states:

The system will help you keep track of some bottle state changes. For example, when you order wines, they will be marked as "on order". When the order is filled, they are marked as "on hand". When you put a bottle in your cellar, it is so marked, and when you remove it, it becomes "on hand" again.

You need to handle other state changes manually. For example, Wine Corner may know you've removed a bottle from your cellar, but doesn't know whether it's sitting on your counter, been consumed, or been given away. You have to tell it that so it can be properly accounted for.

You can also make state changes using the Update Bottle State function on the Cellar tab.


Obviously, every bottle comes from somewhere. We recognize five possible sources:

The Pairings Section

wine detail - pairings

This section is all about what foods you like to pair with this wine. (This is not about classic pairings or conventional wisdom. This is about what you like).

If you specify pairings (as many as you want) for this wine, you can use this information to find wines in your cellar.

You add or delete items from the pairing list in the normal manner.

The Notes Section

wine detail-notes

An important part of your wine diary are notes. In general, they come in two flavors:

text note tasting note

The Photos Section

wine detail-photos

You can store as many photos as you wish for each wine. You can associate a photo tag with each one. (If there is a photo tagged "front label", it will be preferred for the image in the Wine List.)

With the photos section, you can: