Cook’s Memory

Version 1.0
Auguest 13, 2013

Aurbach & Associates, Inc.

Cook's Memory is currently unavailable
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If you enjoy cooking, you probably have a bookshelf (or two or three) full of cookbooks, plus binders full of printed recipes from the web, plus multiple recipe apps, plus card boxes full of 3X5 cards, etc. And you’ve spent time more than once searching through this wealth of information to find a recipe you know and love.

You don’t need more recipes as much as you need help finding the recipes you already have.

Cook's Memory helps you keep track of your favorite recipes. Think of it as your personal recipe catalog or index. You don't store your recipes in Cooks Memory; that would be redundant. Instead, you store their location (i.e., where to find them), as well as information like key ingredients that you can search for.

You can also use Cook’s Memory to keep track of parties and other get-togethers, specifying a menu and a guest list. This enables you to ask questions like “who have I served this dish to?” and “when did I serve it last?”

The program has four main sections:

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